Society3 Blockchain Project

Global transactions at nearly no cost

1) The challenge
One of the major growth challenges for fast growing companies is to establish them quickly in other countries. That requires connections to people they can trust and to overcome some of the major hurdles including dealing with foreign exchange rates, transaction cost with initially small volume, dealing with letter of credits, bank guarantees, monitoring shipment processes, servicing foreign customers, credit risks and other trade challenges. Traditionally these challenges delayed the "going international" process significantly.

2) Impact
Helping young entrepreneurs and even established national innovation labs to international more easily would obviously strengthen their business and give them a competitive advantage. Bringing international business onto a blockchain system would be just a great solution. While it may be complex and difficult for established businesses to make a transition, for young businesses with no international business, it's not only much faster and easier it gives them an additional competitive advantage.

3) S3 Blockchain Project
We decided to invest into a blockchain project, where we are going to build a massive transaction network across the global, allowing young innovative businesses to trade goods and services across the blockchain. Goods can be purchased in crypto currency and converted locally to whatever currency the customer wants. The whole process is represented through self executing digital contracts where all participating parties get easy access to the process chain. Also members can internally use it to pay or get paid for membership fees, group events, services, support, and all other transactions no matter how big or small they are.

Pre Registration
If you are interested in this project and like to be informed as we progress and want to participate in a possible ICO, please register here. Any opportunity to participate goes in the order of registrations by date.

Project Team Wanted
We are looking for Blockchain and crypto currency talents, supporter and companies who want to participate and influence the project. If you are interested, please send us a message to blockchain - society3 com


Questions? Talk to us: +41-41-511-2600