Blockchain Development
Global exchange for innovative minds Society3 is a unique global innovation and entrepreneurs network, helping entrepreneurs to accelerate market entry and growth, getting funded and eventually go global. The company was founded in 2016 in Lucerne Switzerland and is today in 26 countries. Office location will be Z├╝rich.

You may not have all the skills for each individual requirement but at least the motivation to learn it all in the first few weeks.

Blockchain Software Developer
Job Description

You will the first developer in the company and building our blockchain based trading platform together with our acting CTO, as well as our online community. The blockchain will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. Our existing community system is developed in ColdFusion 2016. A unique functionality is our Genetic Computing Model where we encoded many profiling data in a gen and chromosom type structure.

* Base Platform Development
* Smart Contract Development
* API Development
* Frontend development (for now)
* And everything else (for now)

You fully understand blockchain technology and in particular Euthereum
You have a complete understanding of the crypto currency world
AI and machine learning are no strangers to you
You love to develop algorithms
You know how to incorporate network effects into an application
You can build a mobile app or have friends who can help you.
You have no 'religious' issue to code the community part in ColdFusion
You are otherwise familiar with MySQL and other conventional technologies
You understand the importance of code documentation
You have a good sense for business processes
You are happy to code a smart contract as part of an interview
Your English language skills in reading and speaking is absolute fluent
There is nothing too hard, too much, too complicated, too primitive for you to do

Let's keep things easy. Just send us a short email (in English) to jobs18 explaining what intrigued you to join our team. Add your LinkedIn profile and maybe other business relevant online representations such as your blog, Twitter, Quora, etc... (that's your resume).

And please, share with us your own ultimate dream, what will you want to do in the future. Share your personal business vision.
Expect a first response within 3 working days. If not feel free to call us +41 (41) 511-2660.